Saturday, 15 March 2014


We're waiting for someone to bring keys back. He's moving away so won't be able to keep on with his plot. He's always worked away so he's made the plot low maintenance.
I've offered it to the new people on our site who wanted a plot on the sunnier side. They love it. Although they might not love it as much as when he's finished moving all his stuff. He's had his brother drive about 60 miles with a trailer to get some of his soil. It's only well rotted muck and compost with coffee grounds in. It looks good but I wouldn't be driving all those miles and bagging it up and driving it home. Much less effort to actually order a huge bag full and have it delivered if you want nice stuff. I spose apart from 120 miles worth of petrol the cost is free. Assuming they like gardening it's not that much of a chore.

Anyway he should be back about in the next few days and hopefully I can buy his IBC off him so we can use it on the communal shed for water collection. Have rung the barrel place but they didn't have any in.

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