Monday, 10 March 2014

Is it me?

Is it my fault?

Maybe I've been a crap site secretary and not taken the right action when dealing with the problems?

Rather than trying to be nice to people and sort of issues I have just taken all the verbal abuse.

I've been verbally abused by someone whose son and friend and friend's dog was running over allotment plots.
I've been verbally abused for asking the same lads not to climb over the fence.
I've had the police at the door after the same plot holder had been sleeping in his shed for a couple of nights (And he's done it since!) because his wife wanted to know he was ok.
The same plotholder's wife who tried to burn his shed down in frustration.

They're related to another person who does what they want: He's cut a tree down and left it in the carpark until the rest of the mugs on site cleared it away.
He's put a gate through to the site without asking the permission of the committee or his landlord.

I've let the chair get away with bullying someone at a meeting - the person bullied didn't want it taking further so the chair ended up being elected back in.
The same chair who told someone they could have a 9x13 greenhouse when the rules and lease state clearly a 8x6 is as big as they can have. That caused all sorts of trouble.
The same chair who has left a pile of broken glass on the carpark.
The same chair who thinks the apiary is not-communal but just his and another plotholders. (And guess who she lives with!)

I've been verbally abused by one man who has taken things off communal areas for his own personal use without asking. He's also tried to swap boards off a pile needed for a community project. He could have asked me - I was on site at the time actually talking to the crime prevention officer - we'd got back to the main gate after doing a site survey to spot him rooting through and taking boards.

And I'm still doing this why?

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