Monday, 10 March 2014

Imagine a nice allotment site

Imagine a nice quiet allotment site situated in the north of England.
A place where butterflies flutter past, where birds sing in the trees around the site. Where plot holders tend their crops and get on in joyous harmony.
Well it doesn't exist.

I think all allotment sites have huge unsettling discontent growing as strongly as the weeds.

And often there are committee members behind the problems.

I nominate our chair as most annoying person of the weekend.

He's abandoned a greenhouse. Removed it off his plot and just dumped it. He's got a trailer and could have carted it off to the tip but no, he's just dumped it.

He's been asked three times now to move it. And hasn't.
But then he didn't manage to make it to the site inspection either. He claims he was told 'afternoon'. Now no one would ever set an inspection time as 'afternoon' because it means so much to different people. Some people think it means early and some people think it means late, and some people think it means tea time!
He was given a specific time and didn't turn up.

Anyway the upshot is that he's failed to clear the hazard.

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